"If you cause any more disturbances, I'll have you suspended."
Role Side Character
Position Fort City Academy Teacher
Status Alive

'A teacher at the Academy, and a former disciple. He is quite strict and uncompromising' -game description.

Watts is a side character on Conception 2. The Main Character can encounter him in twice in two seperate bonding event arcs, which is either Chloe Genus or Narika Shina bonding events. He is a teacher at the Fort City Academy and appears more often in Chloe's events and only appearing once in Narika's events.


Watts has navy blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a navy blue tux with a sky blue tie.


Watts used to be a former disciple. He was brought up during a time in the Academy when the rules were far more strict then they are currently at the Academy. He is a strict and by the rule book teacher and anyone who does not follow the rules, he tends to get them suspended or another way to prevent them to have what they want. He mostly seen as a small antagonist in Chloe's events and appears just once in Narika's event to give her award. It is later seen near the end of Chloe's Bonding Arc that he is actually a big fan of Chloe's and just could not show it at school due to his reputation of being a strict teacher.

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