Torri Feiiji
"Who are you? I think that I don't believe that I'm aware of who you are."
Available at Complete Gluttony Labyrinth
Element(s) Wind, Water
High stats MDF
Low stats ATK
Blood type AB
Saint Free, Liberty
Brand colour Lavender
Stat shape
Because she was raised in a lab, she lacks common sense. She is a strange girl, but once she takes a liking to you, she is quite friendly.

Torri Feiiji is a heroine in Conception 2. She is not available from the start of the game, becoming available after the second Dusk Circle is sterilized. She is the sixth heroine that the protagonist meets while at the Academy. Torri comes across as an odd individual, with little common sense- however, she is very kind-hearted and clueless to her strange air. Her main weapon is the Beehive; a large, mobile Gatling gun. After being upgraded with the Supernova Superchip, the Beehive becomes Dione.

Her English voice actress is: Janice Kawaye and her Japanese is Mai Kadowaki.


Torri has red eyes and black and white hair (split down the middle by color) that parts and slightly curls in opposite directions. She wears a black flower star on the white part of her hair, which is on the left, and two smaller white flower stars on the black part of her hair, on the right. She wears the Academy Elite Disciples Uniform anywhere within Fort City. When she transforms, she wears a mini dress that is half black and half white much like her hair but inverted. Same goes with her arm covers and her leg covers as well. Again she wields a mobile Gatling gun.


Torri comes across as an eccentric person. She has very little common sense, most likely due to being raised in a laboratory. Despite this she is kind to everyone and always tries her best to keep her promises, regardless how ridiculous they are. She believes in the trust that is built from promises much like Feene does. She is always curious about the locations in Fort City, tends to explore a lot, and has an admiration of birds.

Because Torri was raised in a laboratory, she feels like a caged bird and tends to stare out the window during class. A recurring gag for her story arc or her heart events, shows that she is always looking for something to eat or is currently hungry. She also joins the Magecraft Club in hopes of building a bird that will allow her to fly in the sky, which is revealed to be a Star Energy-fueled airplane later on in the story.


Not much is known about Torri's parents or where she was born. However, sometime prior to the Main Story, Torri's parents gave her up to AngelMarker Industries and the employees of the company eventually raised her. To her, this childhood felt like a cage and caused her to stare out into the sky a lot. She then eventually recieved her Star Brand and then was transferred over to the Academy within Fort City as a first year.


Level learned Skill learned
Level 9 Sylph Rampage
Level 7 Frost
Level 12 Dual Frost
Level 27 Triad Cyclone
Level 39 Healing Shield
Equip Dione Faerie Rampage
Character Measurements
Height Weight Bust Waist Hips
152cm/5'0 42kg 78 (B cup) 55 80


Gift Effect Note
Striped Ribbon Love Head
Butterfly Ribbon Love Head
Military Beret Like Head
Ram's Horns Like Head
Tiara Love Head
Stylish Crown Like Head
Tama-Kanzashi Love Head
Cute Earrings Love Earrings
Elegant Earrings Like Earrings
Diamond Earrings Like Earrings
Magical Earrings Like Earrings
Feather Earmuffs Love Earrings
Headset Like Earrings
Embossed Brooch Like Other
Jeweled Brooch Like Other
Flower Brooch Love Other
Star Brooch Love Other
Camera Badge Like Other
Witch Pins Like Other
Animals Badge Love Other
Angel Wings Love Other
Demon Wings Love Other
Animal Earrings Love Earrings
Gold Earrings Like Earrings
Flashy Earrings Like Earrings
Silver Earrings Like Earrings
Persona Mask Like Eyes
Ether Visor Love Eyes
Monocle Like Eyes
Fashion Glasses Like Eyes
Thin Glasses Love Eyes
Clear Glasses Love Eyes
Magical Hat Like Head
Mysterious Plume Love Head
Kitty Ears Like Head
Angel Halo Love Head
Demon Horns Like Head
Mana's Ears Love Head

Bonding EventsEdit

255325-99 zps2c328205

Torri gazing at the selections of food at the cafeteria.

These may contain spoilers

Main Event: Prior to the main event, Torri was introduced as a disciple in training. Enzea had lost sight of Torri shortly after her arrival at the academy. God's Gift and Chlotz go around to search for her. God's Gift catches Torri at the cafeteria, gazing at snacks. She explains she is unable to buy anything because of her allowence and even states that 'looking at it is satisfiying.' Regardless, God's gift buys her some food and brings her back to Enzea. 

During bond events, God's Gift soon learns of her eccentric personality due to the way she acts and how her natural responses are quite different compared to most students. Even Torri states how her friends call her 'strange'.


  • Torri Feiiji is officially known as Saint Free, except for while checking her stats or while in a Labyrinth, where she is dubbed Saint Liberty. This is most likely an anomaly that the developers forgot to fix.
  • She may be a reference to Monokuma from Danganronpa, due to her perfectly-divided black-and-white hair. Danganronpa was made by the same company as Conception 2, Spike Chunsoft.
  • Coincidentally, Monokuma can be battled twice in the game via DLC
  • Her last name refers to 'feather', while Torri refers to "Tori" the Japaese word for "bird"
  • Her name means 'sky' which links to how Torri frequently sees herself connected with the outdoors and sky
  • There's a chance she's claustrophobic because she often comments of how she wishes to be outdoors
  • Her Sprite in the ADV portions of the game always show the white half of her hair to the front; regardless of which direction she is facing.

Torri's ThemeEdit

Monochromatic Color



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