"I hope you can do better the next time we meet."
Role Side Character
Position 1st Year Elite Disciple
Status Alive

Sasami is a side character on Conception 2. The Main Character can meet her in one of Narika Shina's bonding events. She is first encountered in the first Academy Annual Debate when Narika was elected as the Representative for the entire 2nd Year Disciples. She is a Elite Disciple and her rank was never stated. She also represents all of the 1st Year Disciples in the Academy Annual Debate.


Sasami has short black hair and blue eyes. She wears the Academy Elite Disciples Uniform which seems similiar to Chlotz with blue edge lining. It is unknown if the blue edge lining represents B-Rank disciples, but considering Chlotz never got his colors changed when ranked up, it can be assumed she just coicendentally has the same uniform as him.


Sasami's history is never mentioned in game. She comes off at first as a rival and a intrepid person whos relentless at attacking Narika's ideas during the Academy Annual Debate. Midway through Narikas bonding arc, after her defeat to the so called 'New' Narika, she later reveals to both the Main Character and Narika that she only did this because she wanted to face off with Narika as someone who is worthy to be her opponent. She is actually a big fan of Narika. Later near the end of Narika's Bonding arc, she is seen later cheering on Narika as she continues to find the courage to profess her confession to the man she loves.

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