Base Stats
ATK 40
DEF 54
MAT 42
MDF 51
SPD 40
TEC 80
LUC 53
Merchants are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are unique, TEC-savvy units that wield axes and hammers into battle. They are not initially unlocked, but quickly become unlocked by high-TEC mothers due to their low non-TEC stats.


Merchants are a very gimmicky unit, having the ability to summon shops outside of battle. In battle, they give mediocre defences and a large TEC bonus to their teammates with their stat distribution. They have a fairly small skillset and can have trouble finding a place on teams at late game or New Game+.


Level learned Skill name
Level 4 Armor Break
Level 8 Summon Shop
Level 16 Gran Chain

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