Matryoshka AT
Effect Gives bonus ATK to child
Flavor Text "Gives the newborn extra ATK."
Element None
Buy Price Not for sale
Sell Price Cannot be sold
Tags None
Matryoshka AT are empowered vessels used to give birth to Star Children through the several types of Classmating. They are found in Labyrinths, and are consumed when giving birth to a Star Child (although twins will only consume one Matryoshka AT). Alike all types of Matryoshka, they cannot be sold or bought. Matryoshka AT will give any newborn Star Child(ren) born with it bonus ATK.


In the 3DS version of Conception 2, if the player has a completed Demo version of Conception 2 they will be awarded one Matryoshka AT among other beneficial Matryoshkas.

In the Vita version of Conception 2, if the player loads their save file from the Demo version of Conception 2 they will be awarded 3 Matryoshka AT among other beneficial Matryoshkas.

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