Base Stats
ATK 24
DEF 28
MAT 35
MDF 33
SPD 24
TEC 29
LUC 32
Magicians are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They wield staves and rods, and are great magically-offensive units. They learn a wide variety of skills depending on their Element, including the Dual variety of each magic elemental attack. They are one of the four initially available classes.


Magicians are incredibly versatile, having a different skillset depending on its element. As such, a properly planned Magician will do well on any team lacking a specific element. They work well on any MAT team, specifically one with two or more Magicians of different types where they have a variety of elements to unload.


Level learned Skill name
Level 7 Meditation
Level 1 [FIRE] Blaze
Level 10 [FIRE] Dual Blaze
Level 1 [WIND] Cyclone
Level 10 [WIND] Dual Cyclone
Level 1 [EARTH] Gravel Storm
Level 10 [EARTH] Dual Gravel Storm
Level 1 [WATER] Frost
Level 10 [WATER] Dual Frost
Level 1 [DUSK] Curse
Level 10 [DUSK] Dual Curse
Level 1 [ETHER] Shine
Level 10 [ETHER] Dual Shine

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