Lust Labyrinth

Lust Labyrinth appearing

The Lust labyrinth is one of the first labyrinths and dusk circles accessible in the game. When the dusk circle activated, it became God's Gift duty to enter along with one of the Heroines and star children.

Dungeon attribute: None, 4F structure


After having permission from the government; God's Gift could then access the labyrinth. It recently came active shortly after the access was granted and an announcement came for God's Gift and the Heroines about the recent activity from the labyrinth. As God Gift reaches one of the early floors, he comes face-to-face with one of the first labyrinth bosses; Asmodeus. Ruby Coiler demands for him to return-as it's a dangerous risk-but is ignored as God's Gift duels the boss. Unfortunately, failing to listen to Ruby's warning; the boss resurrects, and he is forced to escape the labyrinth.

Later, Ruby and Mark are frustrated by him of his actions. Although at first, unfazed by it, God's Gift later apologized. It's not known until later when he reveals his past of why he held a grudge against monsters and his reasons for lashing out at the dusk monster. He is then given a matryoshka to hold the dusk monster in so when he battles against it again, he can capture it. Ruby also explains that the reason he wasn't given the Matryoshka was because this wasn't God's Gift task and it was to explore the floors.

Floor GuideEdit

Upper Floor Monster Appearances
01F Bootes, Wimp
02F Bootes, Wimp, Garumus
03F Reckless, Garumus
04F Wimpus, Tactiturn
05F Asmodeus (BOSS)