Base Stats
ATK 43
DEF 61
MAT 70
MDF 59
SPD 45
TEC 87
LUC 57
Hunters are a Star Child class in Conception 2. They have incredibly high TEC and MAT, and use bows to fight. Hunters are not initially unlocked, becoming unlocked after a medium amount of story progression.

The class is an upgrade of the Archer class.


As Hunters are very TEC-savvy, they excel at using damaging moves. Their variety of skills gives them the ability to attack the enemy from nearly all angles while staying in a single position, giving them Weak Point control. Hunters have a surprising amount of MAT, giving them good synergy with any Magician or other magic-based class.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 15 Knee Shot Snail Wind
Level 26 Rear Crescent Killing Field
Level 42 Surged Shot

Chain Arrow

Pot Shot


Level 6 ♂ TEC Boost
Level 6 ♀ SPD Sapper