Wake Archus
"The monsters must be defeated."
Base Stats
ATK 320
DEF 200
MAT 235
MDF 165
SPD 280
TEC 224
LUC 185
Wake Archus is the protagonist of Conception 2. He is known by the name "God's Gift" due to his immense amount of Ether. Due to the amount of Ether he creates, it is possible for the heroines to go into the Dusk Circles with him to combat the enemies at their source and ultimately sterilize the Dusk Circle. Wake is given an "Ether Amp" to fight with, which utilizes his Ether to empower his weapons: Dual Swords made specially and specifically for him.


Wake has silver hair and teal eyes. He wears the Academy Elite Disciples Uniform with a violet edge lining that is unique only to him. He does not have the gold edge lining that the S-Rank Disciples all wear, despite later achieving S-Rank. When in Dusk Circles, he wears a sleeveless black suit. Wake also wears a pair of arm bands, almost like compression sleeves, that are also black. The outfit has white and violet lines that run through it. Despite being able to switch weapons that give different appearances in-game, the animation for when he transforms always seems to be his default pair of Dual Swords, called Twin Blades in game.


Wake's personality varies depending on the player's choices of his dialogue; however, the heroines all say that he is a kind and dense person. It is also obvious that the choices in-game show more proof that Wake is a dense person when the dense answers give more affection than the straight forward kind. An example would be when Narika is asking Wake out on a date. It is obvious that it is a date, however the straightforward selection of saying "It's a date" gives no affection verses the dense selection of saying that this is for something else gives more affection. One thing for certain is regardless of what choices players make, Wake very much hates dusk monsters.


In one of the bonding events, it's revealed that Wake lived in a place called Gazel village, close to Shelgard. It's also mentioned that he used to run a lot of errands in Shelgard.

Wake, however, has had a bad history with Dusk Monsters prior to the main story. His hometown was attacked by Dusk Monsters on the day of his older sister's wedding. His entire family was killed, but he was saved by his older sister before she died. It is presumed during this time that he acquired his Star Brand and developed his experience to fight Dusk Monsters, which probably explains why he was able to handle a group of Dusk Monsters when he saved Fuuko and Chlotz at the beginning of the game.


These may contain spoilers

Fuuko ending

Fuuko and her daughter, Isana.

  • Fuuko: In Fuuko's ending she reflects on her interactions with Mary, a ghost trapped in the Academy's pool, as well as on the game's events as a whole, as she would otherwise have been an average teen girl. Wake informs Fuuko that he has never seen her as ordinary, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Years later, they are shown to have married and given birth to a daughter named Isana after the ghost who possessed Fuuko.
  • Feene: In Feene's ending, Wake accompanies her to the festival, where Feene tells him to take
    Feene ending

    Feene, Wake and Feene's family together.

    pictures of whatever he wants and cares the most about. Wake tells her that he wants to take pictures of Feene for the rest of his life, which surprises Feene. She accepts his proposal and the two travel back to her hometown, where they are married.
  • Narika: In Narika's ending she is taken visibly aback when Wake tells her that he has chosen her as his date, as she did not believe that she was ever a valid candidate. She eagerly accepts, and changes into a

    Narika as she appears in her ending.

    dress that she designed and sewed herself. A few months after graduating Wake and Narika are serving on the World Peace Council, where she confidently addresses the audience over various matters.
  • Torri: In Torri's ending she and Wake attend the festival, where they fulfill Torri's wish to fly by combining their energies to pilot a plane.
    Torri end

    Torri and Wake flying her plane powered by star energy.

    During their flight, Wake promises to stay with Torri regardless of where she goes.
  • Chloe: In Chloe's ending she and Wake leave the festival early to go to Curaoke (a special form
    Chloe ending

    Chloe wishing to sing only for Wake

    of karaoke that uses star energy), as she had chosen to give up her singing career. She changes into a student uniform, as she graduated too early to be able to wear the uniform for very long. Wake convinces Chloe to return to her singing career and she performs a love song she wrote for him.
  • Ellie: In Ellie's ending Wake comes across Ellie as she is preparing to return to Gracia (the church) without

    Ellie and Wake hunting Heretics.

    seeing Wake, as it would weaken her resolve to return. Wake informs her that he has signed up for a job at Gracia, which would enable him to stay by her side. This slightly horrifies her, as this would involve him having to eliminate Heretics, but Wake reassures her that this is what he wants. The two are then shown working side by side, where Ellie questions whether her work is ultimately right or wrong, and decides that it is what is right for her.
  • Serina: In Serina's ending she accepts Wake's invitation quickly, but asks for his help in using
    Tumblr n6rkpnfqk81ton8x6o5 1280

    Serina working at the cafe with Wake

    transformation magic to assume a taller, more shapely form. He agrees, but finds that rather than transforming, Serina kisses him and tells him that she doesn't need magic to feel confident. Three months later, Serina is running the family cafe with Wake, while her older sister runs an amusement park.
  • Harem: In the Harem Ending, Wake chooses to invite all of the heroines to the festival, as he knows that selecting only one of them would upset the others. The girls are shown talking to one another, where
    Harem ending

    Wake having the day together with all the Heroines.

    they each confess that they had asked Wake to accompany them. They then admit that they also knew that he was paying attention to all of them at the same time, but chose not to do anything because they didn't think that they could do anything about it as strong bonds were needed in order to create strong Star Children and that he was not doing so just because he was being calculative. Wake finds his teammates all dressed in fancy dresses, and is urged to pick one of them. The scene then shifts to show Wake accompanying all of the heroines as they visit each other's home towns as well as assist Ellie in eliminating Heretics.
  • None of Them: Unable to decide out of the Heroines which one he would choose, Wake instead skips the Star Conception Festival and doesn't meet with any of the girls. The next day, him and
    Luce ending

    Wake, Chlotz and Luce doing Curaoke together.

    Chlotz are hanging out together, although Chlotz is partly annoyed of Wake tagging along when he was planning on dating Luce. When Luce appears, Wake makes the excuse that he has to go off to do something, which disapoints Luce. Seeing through this excuse, Chlotz says that Wake can join them in Kuraoke. For the rest of the day, the three of them join together, allowing time to pass.

Skills Edit

Level learned Skill learned
Level 1 God's Poke
Level 3 Dusk Analysis
Level 6 Ether Release
Level 12 Ultimate Slash Storm
Level 44 Bonding Drive
Character Measurements
Height Weight Bust/Chest Waist Hips
176cm/5'9 67kg 88 72 89


  • It's possible to alter the characters name. There is a choice of random names and an option of choosing a name for him
  • To shorten the title of God's Gift, he is often referred to as G.G.
  • God's Gift is a mute character. Except during certain responses, a voice is included.
  • When he's being talked about during the main events or bonding events, usually he will be called, 'God's gift' or 'G.G' for short. But when a topic is mentioned; they will refer God's Gift as 'him'.
  • ウェイク (Weiku) is the Japanese spelling of his name.
  • His character transformation is shorter than the Heroines.
  • The weapon choice Gods Gift could be taken as a reference to the holy weapon(s) Mercurius, which is as the name suggests affiliated with the planet Mercury.
  • His English voice actor, Sam Reigel happens to be related to Eden Reigel who is also the same voice actor as Ellie Troit. This may also explain that within the game, God's Gift and Ellie sometimes share a brother/sister interest.


Conception II - All Character Transformations 3DS-003:02

Conception II - All Character Transformations 3DS-0

God's Gift and Heroines transformation

  • Just like the Heroines, God's Gift also has a transformation. He transforms into his own battle suit before entry of a dungeon.
  • God's Gift has his default weapon, Dual swords which doesn't get updated in the animation if he gets a new and improved weapon of the original.



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