Fuuko Amicus
"We... We did it! We really defeated a monster!"
Available at Game start
Element(s) Water
High stats LUC
Low stats MAT
Blood type A
Saint Faith
Brand colour Green
Stat shape

'A friendly second-year born and raised in a normal household. She enjoys swimming and hopes these skills will be useful in fighting monsters.' -Game description

Fuuko Amicus is a heroine in Conception 2. She is available from the start of the game, and is the first heroine that the protagonist meets at Fort City. Her main weapon is the Zero Zwei (which looks like a pair of pistols), but later in the game it is upgraded with the Supernova Superchip to become Oceanus.

Her english voice actress is: Kate Higgins and her Japanese being Lynn.


Fuuko is a pink haired teenager with a chipper personality. She wears a set of black and green headphones, which have holes above her ears. Her hair goes through these holes and form her trademark twin pony tails. Her eyes are teal blue and she wears the Academy Elite Disciples Uniform when attending school or anywhere else within Fort City. When in battle or labyrinths, her uniform changes. When she transforms, she wears a strapless black top with green lines that run down the center of it. She also wears a sleeveless white uniform over the black top that only partially covers it. She wears thigh-high white boots with holsters for her Zero Zwei on the thighs.


Fuuko is pretty much your average girl. She enjoys the simple conversations she often has with God's Gift and the other heroines. She often says that "I'm average at everything I do" and gets embarrassed whenever she gets too close to God's Gift. She enjoys swimming and is fairly good at it when the game begins. This might explain her elemental affinity for water during combat. She also seems to enjoy fruit juices, as with the main story arc and in one of her heart events shows she drinks both berry and banana juice. Later in her personal story arc, she joins the Aquatics Team. However, a past trauma has caused her to not reach her full potential as a swimmer.


Fuuko says she is from a normal old city located on the coast of the main continent of Aterra. She says the city she is from is a peaceful place with lots of kids running around and that it is very far away from any Nests or Dusk Circles. Since she transferred as a 2nd year Disciple, it is assumed she received her Star Mark between 16-17 years of age. When God's Gift meets Fuuko, the game shows both her and Chlotz have already been acquainted prior to their arrival to Fort City, as Fuuko and Chlotz both state in separate conversations that they'd been friends before getting their Star Brands. She also had a best friend once in middle school that taught her how to swim.

Bonding EventsEdit

(Note that like with every bond event with the heroines, classmating must be done to proceed and depending on progress on the game will depend how far you can go through these bond events.)

Major plot spoilers below. 

Since joining the academy, Fuuko decides to participate in one of the school clubs; swimming, since she believes this is her best skill. She's informed that it will be difficult and won't be like the swimming she's used to. Eitherway, Fuuko accepts and for the first few bonding events, she and God's Gift meet after her swimming lessons are over. She states that she is a poor swimmer and wishes not to let anyone down during her practice, so one day after her swimming lessons are over, she chooses to stay behind to clean the pool. 

One night when God's Gift is waiting for her to get changed from her swimsuit, he hears her scream. Fuuko  

Dumb fuuko

Fuuko with God's Gift on the night the ghost was said to have materialised from the pool.

then rushes over and claims to have seen a ghost, and reveals to have both a fear of bugs and ghosts. Whilst Fuuko believes it's best to keep away from it, God's Gift decides to investigate which later convinces Fuuko that this is probably a better approach. Fuuko is shown to be frighten, however when they search the pool, there appears to be nobody there. Only Fuuko is known to see the ghost appear. 

Later in the bonding events, Fuuko is determined to find out more about this ghost. When God's Gift gives her physical contact, he too can see the mysterious ghost, who's named "Miss Ghost". She explains to them that she has lost her memory and is unable to pass on. Fuuko's only option is to help this girl with her problems and discover the truth to her memory loss. As Fuuko and Miss Ghost get to know each other, it's not long for them to have an intimate friendship and Fuuko offering Miss Ghost to possess her body in order to be with God's Gift-which at the time, they believed would make her pass on, as Miss Ghost claims she hasn't dated anyone before. Using Fuuko's body, Miss Ghost doesn't fear to flirt with him, such as suggesting for him to 'skinny dip' if he can't get any swimming trunks and to touch her chest, whilst Fuuko who watches at a distance screams no. Miss Ghost has explaned that even though she's possessing Fuuko, Fuuko can see and hear everything that they are doing. 

Fuuko has also shown to be envious when the two are together, saying that they appear to ge along and dislikes it that it was her body used and not herself having the control of the situation. Also, whilst Miss Ghost and God's Gift were dating, Miss Ghost was able to slip in the information that she believes Fuuko is putting in resistance to her strength in swimming,causing Miss Ghost to not use all of her own strength. She suggests to God's Gift it's best to discover if there's any reasons to this which he agrees for the sake of Fuuko and Miss Ghost. God's Gift later dates Fuuko and he takes her to a public pool, which she appears pleased to do so. Then, God Gift buys her some bubbles whilst Fukko makes a perculiar sound as she blows them. Embarssed, she reveals she makes this, "ffff" sound becuase of how she enjoys the water- and having revealed her nickname "fffffuuko" and also "bubble girl" except she dislikes God's Gift saying either nickname because she finds it personal.

God's Gift decides to slip in the question, why Fuuko doesn't use all of her strength and she explains to him of a past event. She used to have a friend called Izzy who taught her how to swim and gave her courage to try harder. Then one day when a tornament went on, Fuuko won against Izzy. Except, Fuuko didn't realsise at the time Izzy's father visted and he was ill. He later died, assumingly on the same day and Fuuko heard Izzy say how she's sorry she lost. Fuuko felt guilty over it and even asked God's Gift that if maybe she lost, then perhaps Izzy's father wouldn't have died-except she's corrected that nothing could've prevented it from happening. 

Later in the bonding events. God's Gift explains these reasons to Miss Ghost. On the other hand, Fuuko has

Fuuko download EDIT

Fuuko reaching out to save God's Gift from drowning.

been told about a mission that happened at least a year ago, involving a student named 'Mary white' dying from the misson. Fuuko comes to believe this involves Miss Ghost and asks the captian of their group if she could join. However, she is rejected, as her swimming stength isn't compatable for the strong tides at night. Ms. Chloe bursts into the scene and says that Fuuko deserves a chance, and the captain is forced to agree. God's Gift offers to help, in order to protect Fuuko and assist her. He's given a special seaweed that allows him to breathe underwater during the night of the mission. Because the full moon is out, Miss Ghost possesses Fuuko's body so her swimming is enhanced. However, the further they travel into the sea, Miss Ghost realises the moon's light is begining to be blocked out. A powerful tide hits Fuuko and God's Gift, and Fuuko is now present. At the same time, a dusk monter attacks God's Gift, causing him to loose the item allowing him to breathe. Fuuko uses her strength to reach for him and take him to the surface.

At that point, Miss Ghost tells her not to worry and she can save him,( presuming it's CPR). Fuuko notices how she's name "Ffffuko" and Miss Ghost has revealed that she is Izzy, and she was the one who died from the misson and forgives Fuuko to what Fuuko believed to be her mistake. God's Gift later awakens, with Izzy gone and Fuuko happy of his survival. Later they learn that Izzy and Mary White are the same person, except 'Izzy' was the middle name of Mary White and she didn't like being known as 'Mary'. 

Drawing to a close, coming nearer to the conception festival where couples go, God's Gift decides to see Fuuko. (this is before to ending event) Except she's not at the pool. He hears her scream and rushes  to where he heard her. Fuuko, stammering claims she saw a spider and gt scaed. She squeals, realising she's been caught nude. God's Gift backs away, thinking it's best to leave but Fuuko asks him to stay. She explains that she will no longer be afraid of using her strength and she will no longer hide her feelings towards him. She also asks if she could be invited to the conception fesitval, although she doesn't seem to mind if she's rejected.

Ending event

Fuuko ending

Fuuko with her daughter, named after Izzy in her ending.

If the player chooses Fuuko, the two characters will admit their feelings to each other and to promise to stay with each other. Fuuko admits she sees it as her own 'happy ending', and later narrates the ending of their story. Years later, they both have a daughter named Isana, which comes from Fuuko's friend Izzy's name. Fuuko is seen with her daughter in the pool, encouraging to put her head under the water whilst her daughter is nervous about it. Fuuko, trying to be more reassuring, tells her that she was named after a great swimmer. Better convinced, her daughter relaxes and enjoys her mothers company. The game ends with Fuuko concluding she's always happy to have God's Gift smiling at her, and takes it as a personal way of the two being together.

Pool Event (Friends)

Fuuko and God's Gift meet up after swimming. Fuuko asks for his help in shopping, because she's usually indecisive. Together, they both pick a tracksuit for her, with the option of three colours: blue, black or pink. Regardless of choice, Fuuko buys it since it was a suggestion by God's Gift. the event ends when they part both ways.


At the school festival, the day before Fuuko and God's Gift discuss about the cafe they have for the 2nd year, and a student asks if the two can pair up to serve out drinks. God's Gift agrees and the next day, Fuuko is telling him orders, as God's Gift prepares the drinks. Afterwards, Chlotz returns apologising he had to go off but is now available to help them.

Festival (Good)

Like the friend event of preparing, there's discussion about serving out at the cafe-however Fuuko has to participate in an event which involves the swimming team. Confused, G.G decides to see her tomorrow to see why Fuuko's reluctant about it. When he arrives, an announcement goes out of 'feeding your dream girl ice cream' with the rules of first buying the ice cream and if the girl doesn't reject you, you can feed her ice cream. Fuuko then rushes to him and asks him if he can buy ice cream for her, so then she can avoid being fed by strangers-since she's bad at saying no. G.G agrees to it, and as the boys line up, to their surprise Fuuko is quite a popular choice. G.G is made to barge through, buy ice cream and grab Fuuko's attention, who says he won since he was louder. Enviously and disappointed, the other boys have to face the fact of Fuuko choosing G.G. Although he doesn't have to feed her ice cream after winning Fuuko's attention, Fuuko decides it's best if she faces what she participated in and gets fed ice cream.

-other events, such 'starmas' haven't been included yet. however, depending on the females bond, will depend if there will be touch events and how the female will act.


Level learned Skill learned
Level 6 Hydro-Exiv
Level 3 Frost
Level 12 TEC Boost
Level 22 Triad Frost
Level 33 Speed Heal
Equip Oceanus Absol-Exiv
Character measurements
height Weight Bust Waist Hips
158cm/5'2 47kg 83 (B cup) 57 83


Gift Effect Note
Striped Ribbon Like Head
Butterfly Ribbon Like Head
Military Beret Love Head
Ram's Horns Like Head
Tiara Love Head
Stylish Crown Like Head
Tama-Kanzashi Love Head
Cute Earrings Like Earrings
Elegant Earrings Love Earrings
Diamond Earrings Like Earrings
Magical Earrings Like Earrings
Feather Earmuffs Like Earrings
Headset Love Earrings
Embossed Brooch Love Other
Jeweled Brooch Like Other
Flower Brooch Like Other
Star Brooch Love Other
Camera Badge Like Other
Witch Pins Like Other
Animal Badge Like Other
Angel Wings Like Other
Demon Wings Like Other
Animal Earrings Like Earrings
Gold Earrings Like Earrings
Flashy Earrings Like Earrings
Silver Earrings Love Earrings
Persona Mask Like Eyes
Ether Visor Like Eyes
Monocle Like Eyes
Fashion Glasses Like Eyes
Thin Glasses Love Eyes
Clear Glasses Like Eyes
Magical Hat Love Head
Mysterious Plume Like Head
Kitty Ears Like Head
Angel Halo Like Head
Demon Horns Like Head
Mana's Ears Love Head
Fancy Pillow Love Other

Fuuko's ThemeEdit

Melody of Footsteps



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