Dusk Circles are dungeons located in Aterra. Monsters-more specifically-dusk monsters, originate from Dusk circles.
New Circle Seeds

Dusk Circles multiplying

They were formed over twenty years ago, prior to the dark desires that were forming from mankind. The first being the Pandora Labyrinth-The original core. Other dusk circles became active and were formally known and named ordered as the seven deadly sins.

Dusk Spawner's Edit

Dusk monsters are summond from inside the labyrinth by a boss - called "Dusk Spawner" - that presides it and causes these monsters to be released. Although it's not always specific where in Aterra these labyrinths are from; it can be devastating to nearby towns or cities that could potentially be affected by these monsters appearing. This is why disciples from different year groups may be assigned to go to the front line to defend their hometowns or other locations within Aterra.

If the Dusk Spawner ist defeated - it automatically gets reborn, it can only be "killed" by sealing it in a Sealing Matryoshka. After a Labyrinth's Dusk Spawner is sealed - the labyrinth is called "sterilized" which means that it want spawn any monsters to the outside world (without a Dusk Spawner no new monsters can be created)

All the Dusk Spawners have their names from mythology-monsters or demons.

Dusk Spawners:

  • Dark Alec (Pride Labyrinth) and Dusk Enzea (Pandora Labyrinth) became Dusk Spawners during the game but were humans before.

Main Labyrinths Edit

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