Disciples are students from the Aterra academy who move to the school to learn how to fend off monsters and to minimise casualties of Aterra. Some disciples move to the academy because of the threat of monsters recently going into their hometown. Others are forced to do so because of their lifestyle. 

Disciple RankEdit

Disciples all come at different Ranks. The lowest being DE, or D. These are known as the standard disciples and they wear a green colour cordinated clothing compared to the higher ranked. Elite disciples have white uniform and have different coloured lining at the colar of their uniform. Chlotz's uniform is an example of a B-ranked Elite Disciple. The Heroines are all S-Ranked and have a yellow lining whilst God's Gift has a magneta lining. Although during ranking, the lining didn't change-specifically with God's Gift and Chlotz.

Standard DisciplesEdit

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Elite DisciplesEdit

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