Disciples are students from the Aterra academy who move to the school to learn how to fend off monsters and to minimise casualties of Aterra. Some disciples move to the academy because of the threat of monsters recently going into their hometown. Others are forced to do so because of their lifestyle. All Disciplesthat are transferred to the academy undergo a Qualifiying exam. The exam determines the classes the student belongs to. Students are divided into either Standard or Elite class. Elite Disciples are ranked from A to F. Students who preform well in their Qualifiying exam can increase in Rank.

Disciple RankEdit

The Heroines are all S-Ranked and have a yellow lining whilst God's Gift has a magneta lining. Although during ranking, the lining didn't change-specifically with God's Gift and Chlotz.

​Qualifiying RankEdit

Also known as 'Rank Exam' is a test for all Disciples to take regularly to determine their rank. Rank is deicided through mock battles conducted via simulator, as well as numeric measurements. 

Standard DisciplesEdit

Standard Disciples wear a green colour cordinated clothing compared to the higher rank. Standard Disciples are part of the lower rankings, the lowest being DE, or D. Although DE is the lowest, in the School Festival, Chloe mentions she's in the position of making Chlotz the first DE- in the Academy. 

Elite DisciplesEdit


A first Year Disciple

Elite Disciples have white uniform and have different coloured lining at the colar of their uniform An example of this is Chlotz's blue-lined uniform, who is an example of a B-Ranked Elite Disciple. However, upon being graded higher later on in the game, his uniform virtually remains the same. The Heroines are all S-Ranked Disciples and have a yellow lining whilst God's Gift has a magneta lining. Similarly to Chlotz, despite G.G's upgrading in rank, his uniform remained the same. This may be due to his position as a God's Gift. 

Although the only S-Rank females that exist in the school are the heroines, in 2D cutscenes, there are other female Students who have the same yellow lining. This suggests that the colour lining of the uniform is more due gender than Rank. 


A 3rd Year Disciple


A third-year Disciple


A Male Disciple, wearing the same coloured uniform as Chlotz.

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