The game conception 2 was given a demo release on 3ds. This demo involves a summary of what the game is about and access to some of the Heroines and other minor details of the gameplay.

Introduction Edit

Both Chlotz and Chloe appear in the game, allowing the player to either 'go through explanation' or to try the 'academy crash course'. The explanation will go through Aterra's history and the use of God's Gift -the player-and a simple explanation of their purpose within the game. As for the Academy crash course, it will go straight onto Fort City and give access to various things in the game.

Heroines Edit

Only three out of the heroines are available to go through the RPG dating of the game. These characters include: Torri, Ellie and Fuuko and go through a certain section of the story from their bond events. Specifically the first bonding events. And likewise with the full version; the characters mood will alter depending on the response.

Classmating Edit

Classmating is available with the selected Heroines. Only, the star children available will be limited. Star children that would've been available or accessible to unlock cannot be unlocked. Neither can you enter your dorm to sort out which children you would like to team with by organising.

Fort City Edit

The only access in the game for Fort city is the Aterra church, the academy and the labyrinths. All the other-what would be accessible-parts of the game such as gifts for Heroines or the dorms are not available. You can communicate with the three Heroines until it runs out. You can also use the bond points available-which is automatically 500 BP. After having communicated with the Heroines, you can use the Aterra Church to create star children. These star children can be used in the labyrinth although some star children will automatically be accompanied with.

As for the academy, you can talk to Mattero about star children and the history of Aterra. If you ask for more information, you can ask about what's a God's Gift and Ruby and Mark will appear, explaining you the details.

Labyrinth Edit

After a quick summary of the labyrinth and dusk circles; the Lust Labyrinth is available to use. You may go through the dungeon as normal until reaching the boss. Afterwards, the demo is over and you can save your file in one of the seven files available. You can also import your data and progress to unlock certain matryoshkas. You may also have the star children you created-minus the ones available during the demo. Also to note out that the demo version does not add on any progress in the game and only includes these minor details.

Also at the end of the demo, Chlotz and Chloe include some information of what will be included such as: more heroines-like Chloe-and other game exclusive details.

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