Dark Knight
Base Stats
ATK 64
DEF 85
MAT 71
MDF 90
SPD 40
TEC 49
LUC 56
Dark Knights are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are corrupted versions of Paladins, with a very similar moveset and stat distribution. They wield spears and are very capable fighters. They are not initially unlocked and can only be born via the use of a Fallen Knighthood while Classmating.


Dark Knights are a specialized class, similar to the Paladin. As such, they play very similarly to them- protect your allies with Attack Wall while dishing out large amounts of damage with Dark Knight's variety of offensive skills. In addition, after using one Attack Wall Dark Knight's team will gain ATK, increasing their power for the rest of their fight.


Level learned Skill name
Level ?? Ripper
Level ?? Temple Chain
Level 18 Swift Thrust
Level 46  Great Divide
Level 27 Attack Wall

Trivia Edit

  • In the description for the Fallen Knighthood, it states that only male Star Children can become a Dark Knight. This is either a typo of the class originally was meant to be male only and was later changed.