Magicians have an excellent array of Team Skills based on the typing of the Magician. Two main examples, given to players by the game, include Blast Swing and Arrowstorm. For Blast Swing, a Magician with the Fire typing will need to team up with a Swordis of any type. This attack deals a fair amount of damage, and hits the front and right segments of the target from the Team's viewpoint. For Arrowstorm, a Magician with the Wind typing will need to team up with an Archer of any type. This attack deals enough damage to almost be a mainstay for beginning players, and hits the front, left, and back segments of the selected target, again from the Team's viewpoint.

Another Team Skill available with Magician is Grand Break or Breaker, available to a Team with a Magician with the Earth typing and an Axe-Wielder such as a Merchant.

[extra data required: I do not have the levels necessary to use these skills, and I am missing the hit areas for Grand Breaker. If someone could find this info out and add it here, that would be greatly appreciated.]


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