Base Stats
ATK 43
DEF 52
MAT 56
MDF 68
SPD 46
TEC 67
LUC 60
Blacksmiths are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are very well-rounded units that wield axes and hammers into battle. Although they are not initially unlocked, they become unlocked early into the game due to their low base stats.

They are a upgrade on the Merchant


Blacksmiths function well on ATK-heavy and TEC-heavy teams, specializing in damaging attacks that lower the target's DEF or MDF. As such, they pave the way for other teams to deal massive damage. Blacksmiths are fairly slow, and so they work best on a team with very high SPD where they won't weigh them down to the point of being outsped.


Level learned Skill name
Level 7 Armor Break
Level 43 ♂ Brain Shaker
Level 43  Shockwave
Level 16 Zen Maintenance
Level 28 ♀ TEC Sapper
Level 28 ♂ SPD Boost


The art for male Blacksmiths depicts them reguarly with black and purple hair, however, none of the heroines in Conception 2 have black nor black and purple hair and as such a black and purple haired Blacksmith cannot be born.