"If I catch you looking up her skirt, you're gonna wish you've never been born."
Role Side Character
Position 3rd Year Standard Disciple
Status Alive
Aya is a side character on Conception 2. The Main Character can meet her on one of Feene Glass's bonding event. She is a 3rd Year Standard Disciple although it is never stated what rank she is. She is the current MVP and Team Leader of the Starball Team.


Aya has short light blue hair which she forms back with a pony tail and blue eyes. She wears the Academy Standard Disciple Uniform.


Aya's place of birth or where she was raised is never mentioned. She is a 3rd year and a fan of Feene. She also requested that Feene join her Starball Team several times even though Feene kept rejecting her offer and several others. She has no interest in men and seeks a relationship with Feene, so if she can't recruit her to the Starball Team, she then instead joined the Photography Club that Feene created. Her plans to get close to Feene is always thwarted by the Main Character, and only she realise Feene's feelings for the Main Character. Near the end of Feene's Bonding Arc, she encourages the Main Character to go after Feene.

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