Aquatics Captain
"This mission is very important to the entire Aquatics Team."
Role Side Character
Position 3rd Year Elite Disciple
Status Alive
Aquatics Captain is a side character on Conception 2. The Main Character meets her through one of Fuuko Amicus bonding events. She is the Aquatics Captain for 2 years and is a 3rd Year Elite Disciple. Since all S-Rank Female Disciples are required to bond with God's Gift at the Fort City Academy, it is safe to assume she is not a S-Rank Disciple. Her actual name and rank was never mentioned.


The Aquatics Captain has light purple hair with orange eyes. She wears goggles that always seem to stay worn above her forhead and wears a yellow bandana that wraps around her neck with the knot on the back of her neck.


Not much is known about Aquatics Captain. She is however the same captain from the last years Aquatics Team. She has a austere personality. She also was the one who witnessed Mary's demise after Mary saved her and the entire team from being killed after an underwater operation went wrong from the year before. Because of this, she has been traumatized to bringing in new disciples on the Aquatics Team missions, such like Fuuko, from ever taking any underwater operations, even if they are an S-Rank. She seeks revenge on the same Dusk Nest that took Mary.

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