Alec Marker
"You don't have to thank me. It's part of our mission."
Role Rival
Position 2nd Year Elite S-Rank Disciple
Status Deceased
Alec Marker (アレック=マーカー)is a character in Conception 2. He serves as a friend and rival to the Main Character of the game. Alec is first encountered when the Main Character first arrives on his first day at the Academy. He is a 2nd Year Disciple and the number one S-Rank Male Disciple at the Academy. He wields dual swords as well similiar to that of the same swords that the Main Character uses. He is the younger brother of Enzea and 2nd son of Rhiod.


Alec has blonde hair and red eyes. He wears the Academy Elite Disciples Uniform. He does not have a 2nd attire when in battle or in labyrinths.


Alec is prone to be cold and distant towards others, due to being level-headed and with a strong sense of justice. He acts mature, in contrast to other characters like Chlotz and is well disciplined. He's loyal to his father and follows his orders, even when it appears that Enzea has more attention.

Although he appears distant, Alec has a kind heart such as shown with his childhood friend Luce when he does admit to care about her, although not having shown any romantic feelings towards her.


Not much is known about Alec's hometown or where he was raised but it is assumed that he was raised by his father, Rhiod. His parents divorced prior to the start of the Main Story and his mother's name was never mentioned nor is her whereabouts. Alec strives to meet his father's expectations and always tries to be the best. At the Academy, he is the top male Disciple, both physically and mentally. He comes off as someone who only speaks when spoken to and does not socialize often with anyone, at least until the Main Character and Chlotz came along. He believes if he had been God's Gift, he would have been more powerful than the Main Character and even his current self. He also has a childhood friend named Luce who has a crush on him, though he is oblivious to her feelings for him.