The academy has had many disciples over the years. All with different talents and entress so not surprising many different clubs

Magecraft clubEdit

see main article: Magecraft club

A club that makes golems and equipment which runs on star energy. It has been in operation since the academy's founding. Torri is a member.

Aquatics teamEdit

see main article: Aquatics team

A club that specializes in training to fight underwater monsters. Its members learn to breathe underwater underwater using aquatic magic as well as adapt to the environment by growing gills and fins. Fuuko is a member. Mary White was a member.

Combat teamEdit

A club that mainly trains for land combat. Torri is a substitute member.

Strategy conferenceEdit

A conference in which disciples discuss their strategies on fighting the monsters, a representative of each elite class presents a plan in front of the whole academy. If they win the third, they can go to the conference at the church to give their plan. Narika attends this conference.


A club started by Feene to convey how things are going to her friends on the battlefield. Later to show "another side" of herself. Feene and God's Gift are members.

Starball clubEdit

A club that practices using chain attacks in battle via a sport called star ball. Feene's classmate is club captain.

Choir clubEdit

A club created by music loving disciples. They hold concerts for those injured in battle. Though they don't perform often, the band they formed is very popular among disciples. Chloe is a member.

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