Conception-II 04-04
Cost 650 base MP
Element(s) Water
Direction Front, Left, Right
Effects May lower DEF
Description "A frozen bullet formed from water at absolute zero."
Tags DEF ↓
Absol-Exiv is a damage dealing tier 2 Seventh Burst in Conception 2. It is a signature skill of Fuuko Amicus . Absol-Exiv deals very high Water damage to a single target from the front, left and right while having a chance to lower the target's DEF.


Level learned Learned by
Equip Oceanis Fuuko Amicus


Absol-Exiv, like all other tier 2 Seventh Bursts, is learned only while a given heroine is equipped with their upgraded weapons. As such, there is no level requirement for Absol-Exiv; meaning that it may be used at any level.

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